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This site is dedicated to the Alfa Romeo Milano sedans. It has a registry of Milano’s where you can enter the data on your car and check out other Alfisti’s Milanos. I’m also documenting some of the projects big and small that I’ve done on mine as well as any other related useful information I come across.

My first Alfa was an 1986 Spider Veloce. I bought it to start learning how to work on cars and as a fun toy. I had caught the ALFA bug and quick determined that I also wanted something with some more grunt. I located a Verde out in California and bought it. I drove it home to the East Coast by way of Seattle for the AROC convention that year, it was drinking a quart of oil every 150 miles or so, so needless to say I went though quite a bit in the 3,900 mile trip!

I started off with some small projects and then started my first attempt at an engine rebuild which turned instead into an engine swap with a cheap 164L engine I found (documented in the projects section).

What's New
Jun 2016 - Another nearly complete revamp of the site, now more mobile friendly!
May 2016 - Started adding shop manual PDF files
Jan 2015 - Added project on speeding up window regulators
Sep 2014 - Added Sunroof Delete project write up
Jun 2014 - Added high resolution wiring diagram scans
May 2014 - Added project on using SGI-5 to calibrate speedometer
Nov 2012 - Nearly complete revamp of the site (everything except the actual registry)